Toys for Tots Supports Native American Children

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Toys for Tots

Robert (Bob) Juckniess directs more than 6,000 retailers as the CEO of the multinational Royal Buying Group. To support children in need, Bob Juckniess donates to Toys for Tots.

In addition to its regular toy drives, Toys for Tots operates a special program to benefit Native American children. Known as the Navajo Toys for Tots Program, this initiative provides toys and books to more than 120,000 children in the Navajo Nation, as well as those belonging to neighboring tribes, such as the Hopi, Ely Shoshone, and Hualapai. The program delivers the donations directly to participating reservations in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, an area totaling 25,000 square miles.

Toys for Tots started the program in 1980 to address the fact that there were no large communities near Native American reservations that could support a toy drive. Since its creation, the program has helped increasing numbers of children as more reservations have joined. For more information, see