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Susan G. Komen-Affiliated Center Makes Gene-Related Breakthrough

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Susan G. Komen Foundation

Robert “Bob” Juckniess became the chief executive officer for the Migizi Economic Development Company in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, in June of 2016. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, the Migizi Economic Development Company manages the tribe’s non-gaming businesses. A supporter of community in a number of ways, Bob Juckniess supports Susan G. Komen breast cancer drives.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation states that metaplastic breast cancers are less than one percent of all breast cancers. Despite the low incidence of this type of cancer, it is the most aggressive of the triple negative cancers. In December of 2016, Komen-affiliated Houston Methodist Hospital researchers published an article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute which identified a gene responsible for causing metaplastic cancer.

Since this form of cancer has been so difficult to treat, the identification of this mutation in gene PL39 has allowed doctors to better target their treatments. They also subsequently found two proteins that accurately predict a patient’s likelihood of survival. A therapeutic mixture was then developed and proven reliable in animal testing which retarded tumor growth and increased the benefit of chemotherapy.


Toys for Tots Supports Native American Children

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Toys for Tots

Robert (Bob) Juckniess directs more than 6,000 retailers as the CEO of the multinational Royal Buying Group. To support children in need, Bob Juckniess donates to Toys for Tots.

In addition to its regular toy drives, Toys for Tots operates a special program to benefit Native American children. Known as the Navajo Toys for Tots Program, this initiative provides toys and books to more than 120,000 children in the Navajo Nation, as well as those belonging to neighboring tribes, such as the Hopi, Ely Shoshone, and Hualapai. The program delivers the donations directly to participating reservations in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, an area totaling 25,000 square miles.

Toys for Tots started the program in 1980 to address the fact that there were no large communities near Native American reservations that could support a toy drive. Since its creation, the program has helped increasing numbers of children as more reservations have joined. For more information, see

Tour Italy While Supporting Susan G. Komen

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Susan G. Komen

An experienced business leader focused on finance and marketing, Robert (“Bob”) Juckniess functions as the CEO of Royal Buying Group, Inc., in Lisle, Illinois. In addition to his professional interests, Bob Juckniess supports the breast cancer awareness organization Susan G. Komen (“Komen”).

Komen recently announced a partnership with the vacation provider Trafalgar to offer a tour of Italy in May 2017 that will serve as a fundraiser for the organization.

For the cost of $3,699, travelers will be treated to a carefully curated itinerary as part of the Pink Ribbon Italy Trip, which will see them visit some of the most beautiful cities in the country, including Florence, Rome, Venice, and Verona. They will also have an opportunity to sample Chianti and various other Italian wines along the way while being treated to high-quality fine dining.

As part of the fundraiser, Trafalgar will donate $1,000 of each purchase price to Komen. Visit to learn more about the Pink Ribbon Italy Trip.

Coat for Kids’ Schools Partnership Program

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Coats For Kids

Since 1995, Robert “Bob” Juckniess has been serving as the chairman, executive director, and chief executive officer of Royal Buying Group, Inc., a company based in Lisle, Illinois. In his free time, Robert “Bob” Juckniess supports several charitable organizations such as the Coats for Kids Foundation.

Established in 2004 by Paul and Cheryl Darby of in Alexandria, Virginia, Coats for Kids is a nonprofit organization that was founded to ensure that every child in need of a winter coat would receive a new one. Throughout the years, Coats for Kids has made itself distinct from similar programs by only distributing new winter coats, including new gloves and winter hats, and for operating throughout the winter.

In order to better serve their target population, Coats for Kids began its Schools Partnership Program in 2005. Through this program, service organizations and businesses are encouraged to pick out a particular school that they would like to support through the foundation. This helps in quantifying the need and creating a fundraising goal, among others. This program’s earliest recipient was John Adams Elementary School which was adopted by MCI in Washington, DC. The program has grown over the years, and has included businesses such as Target.

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Toys For Tots Brings More Than Presents to Children in Need

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Toys for Tots

Successful businessman Robert “Bob” Juckniess is the CEO of Royal Buying Group. He is also responsible for the RWJ Companies and RWJ Management, among other endeavors. To give back to the community, Bob Juckniess and his businesses support several children’s charities, including Toys for Tots.

Each winter, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve runs a special toy drive known as Toys for Tots. The popular event collects new, unwrapped toys for children across America. Toys for Tots’ mission goes far beyond holiday presents. The children who receive these gifts tend to come from low-income backgrounds, and often lack the financial and social resources that their peers take for granted. Many children from these families live with low self-esteem, which makes them less likely to take charge and improve their own lives as they develop.

Toys for Tots gifts are not just toys – they are gifts of self-worth, given to inspire children and help them feel important. Toys for Tots believes that a holiday gift can make a dramatic difference in a young person’s life.

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Operation Warm Provides Free Winter Coats to Children in Need

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Operation Warm

The chairman and executive director of Royal Buying Group since 1995, Robert (Bob) Juckniess has maintained additional responsibilities as CEO since 2012. Alongside leading Royal Buying Group, Bob Juckniess supports several charities, including the Coats for Kids Foundation.

Established in 2004, the Coats for Kids Foundation has partnered in recent years with Operation Warm, a charity with the shared goal of bringing free winter jackets to the children who need them most. Rather than relying on donations of used clothing, Operation Warm draws on cash donations to manufacture its own coats. In this way, the organization is able to produce high-quality coats for pennies on the dollar and allow children from low-income backgrounds to receive brand-new clothing free of charge.

These coats do more than just protect children from cold winter days. For many, having a winter coat is the difference between making it to school or not. Providing free coats removes a barrier to accessing education, thus leading to greater opportunities for kids.