Bob JuckniessThe CEO and chairman of Royal Buying Group, Robert (Bob) Juckniess leverages 25 years of experience as an executive to realize revenue and sales growth and cost savings. Further, Bob Juckniess builds, models, and sets corporate values and culture, providing opportunities to all employees and producing frameworks for good decision making and accountability.

Bob Juckniess has a proven track record of growing businesses from startup, rapidly building them into multi-million-dollar companies. During the first decade of the 21st century, he served as chairman and CEO of two startups, Advanced Cyber Cafe and Chi-Dogs and More. In his time at Advanced Cyber Cafe, a Internet cafe chain based in the African nation of Guinea, he realized 52 percent second-year growth and 32 percent savings. At Chi-Dogs and More, a chain of restaurants serving Chicago-style hotdogs, he realized a 150 percent increase in sales. Additionally, as CEO of Lorah Inc., Robert Juckniess realized a 48 percent increase in sales year-on-year as well as a 14 percent decrease in costs.