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Operation Warm Provides Free Winter Coats to Children in Need

Operation Warm pic

Operation Warm
Image: operationwarm.org

The chairman and executive director of Royal Buying Group since 1995, Robert (Bob) Juckniess has maintained additional responsibilities as CEO since 2012. Alongside leading Royal Buying Group, Bob Juckniess supports several charities, including the Coats for Kids Foundation.

Established in 2004, the Coats for Kids Foundation has partnered in recent years with Operation Warm, a charity with the shared goal of bringing free winter jackets to the children who need them most. Rather than relying on donations of used clothing, Operation Warm draws on cash donations to manufacture its own coats. In this way, the organization is able to produce high-quality coats for pennies on the dollar and allow children from low-income backgrounds to receive brand-new clothing free of charge.

These coats do more than just protect children from cold winter days. For many, having a winter coat is the difference between making it to school or not. Providing free coats removes a barrier to accessing education, thus leading to greater opportunities for kids.