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Susan G. Komen-Affiliated Center Makes Gene-Related Breakthrough

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Susan G. Komen Foundation
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Robert “Bob” Juckniess became the chief executive officer for the Migizi Economic Development Company in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, in June of 2016. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, the Migizi Economic Development Company manages the tribe’s non-gaming businesses. A supporter of community in a number of ways, Bob Juckniess supports Susan G. Komen breast cancer drives.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation states that metaplastic breast cancers are less than one percent of all breast cancers. Despite the low incidence of this type of cancer, it is the most aggressive of the triple negative cancers. In December of 2016, Komen-affiliated Houston Methodist Hospital researchers published an article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute which identified a gene responsible for causing metaplastic cancer.

Since this form of cancer has been so difficult to treat, the identification of this mutation in gene PL39 has allowed doctors to better target their treatments. They also subsequently found two proteins that accurately predict a patient’s likelihood of survival. A therapeutic mixture was then developed and proven reliable in animal testing which retarded tumor growth and increased the benefit of chemotherapy.